PLEASE READ - It is very important that you know laces are to be done by a person with experience. Laces are delicate and easy to damage if you don't know what you are doing or how to care for them. The hair is only attached to the lace by a knot. If you over process your knots, you will experience a serious case of shedding. If you are too rough on the lace by combing & brushing it will shed. Laces are not meant to last forever. Originally lace wigs, frontals & closures were for movies & performances. They have now transitioned into being an everyday wear for everyone. It's important you know and understand the lifespan of laces. Your bundles can be re-used 1-2 years with proper care & depending how often you wear them. You will be able to reuse your lace up to 5 times with proper care. Keep in mind if that will shed overtime.

***Dartezz recommends that you seek help from a professional for extension styling if you are not fully knowledgeable with virgin extensions.***


FAQ - 

  1. What is D&D Extensions?

D&D Extensions is a Brand Name based out of Atlanta, Georgia started by a young entrepreneur from Cleveland, Ohio Dartezz aka KingOfBundles. D&D Extensions is 100% RAW Human hair (unprocessed) no chemicals, no mixed blends, no fiber, no animal hair is used to construct our bundles.  Each Individual piece comes from a separate donor. Its silkier, softer, thicker, last longer and overall its BETTER than the average bundle sold on the market. Our Virgin hair blends great with natural hair, no chemicals, no mixed blends & hand cut from multiple donors. 



Can D&D Extensions be dyed?

D&D Extensions hair is 100% RAW Human Hair & Virgin Hair. Therefore it can be bleached, rinsed, dyed all different shades and hues of blondes, browns, reds, even fruity colored tones such as purple, blue and pink. (It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that a licensed professional color it for you.)


  1. If I straighten my D&D Extensions will it revert back to it natural state after I wash it?

The body wave texture only has a slight wave pattern so after heat has been applied to it the extensions will be trained to stay straight and the pattern WILL NOT come back. The deepwave and the tight curly texture DOES revert back curly/wavy after straightening/curling but the pattern will not be as tight. If you purchase these textures I suggest you wear them in its natural state First and then after you are tired of wearing it naturally Curly/wavy then apply heat for a different look.


  1. How long does D&D Extensions last?

With proper care and maintenance D&D extensions can be reused and reinstalled from 1year(minimum) to 2+Years. It is inevitable that some of the Hair will get cut when your beautician styles the hair so when it's time to reinstall the hair I suggest you purchase one new bundle to add in; to take place of the shorter pieces you won’t be able to reuse such as cut bangs or short layers.


  1. How often can I wash my D&DExtensions?

You Can wash your D&D Extensions as often as you like. I suggest you cleanse the hair once a week with sulfate free products to keep the hair silky, nourished, soft and manageable. Avoid using tea tree and mint shampoos as they can cause your extensions to matte when shampooing. Try to use products designed to detangle and moisturize, smooth, shine and protect against split ends.

  1. What is the return policy? 

Returns are welcomed with full refunds if the merchandise is returned in the same way it was received. With tags and wrapping still attached. After 1 month, we are no longer liable to provide refunds.

  1. How long is shipping? 

Once your order is placed, there is a mandatory 24 hour payment processing period between that day & the following business day. Once your payment & payment period clears, your business days begin. Once we ship your order, you will immediately receive a tracking number to the email you provided us with on the 2-3business day. Shipping takes an additional (1-3 days) which gives you a total of 5-6 business days.  Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Expedited shipping is only 2-3 business days, Which will ship straight from our factory in China if the product is not in stock. 

*Disclaimer* If you are unsure on timing or you are in a rush, please be sure to choose expedited shipping @ checkout. We are also not responsible for any unexpected delays on the shipping company's behalf.




The owner of this brand is Dartezz H. He Has been in the hair industry for 5years in counting & has business partners in China. Just like most of the products we use in our everyday life, EVERYTHING is made in China. From clothes, shoes, phones, computers, TV's and more is all made in China. It's time we clear this up & let you in on what most companies will keep from you. THIS IS THE TRUTH.


Hair extensions are created from real human hair and the donors dedicate their life to this by selling their hair in return for money. We sell virgin asian/Indian hair just like other hair companies. Most hair comes from China and India only! Many suppliers will blind side you and trick you. We are truthful with all we do. We need you to know the truth as well.


This has been going on many years long before we knew about virgin extensions and became so well connected with doing deals with people from other countries. 


China & India are the main places that hair extensions come from. Most big business owners have hair suppliers in China & India. Good hair & bad hair is everywhere. Don't be fooled. Just because hair comes from a certain place doesn't make it automatically bad. 


People shave their hair to sell & turn it into extensions in exchange for money. Some individuals like to switch their hair up and have options. Virgin hair extensions are a very good investment because with the proper care & maintenance you will be able to keep your hair a very long time. (Head over to the "Hair Tips" tab to learn how to properly care for your hair.)

DISCLAIMER: We have no relations with "Aliexpress" which is a middleman company. We deal with a direct factory that customizes everything exactly how we want that we supply you with on ddextensions.com

We have done so much research & testing to supply the best quality. If you don't know how to properly care for your hair, it is not our responsibility. We provide all the proper details to ensure you have longevity with your extensions.

Thanks DD Gang